Festival Comments

“You cannot watch these films and not be moved.”
“I was here last year. ... And it is really, really enjoyable. I’ve been to Toronto Film Festivals and … New York film festivals. And I have to say in comparison, ours rocks.”
“You wouldn’t see a lot of this stuff in a regular theatre … makes you think outside of the box, think beyond your own space.”
“It certainly opens your eyes to different viewpoints. It shows parts of the world that you would never have a chance to see, maybe a different group of people who live in your own community that you would never have a chance to see.”
"I can see what has been hidden in the world. ... Makes me grasp essential things more quickly. ... It really is a matter of people themselves to organize and work together to improve their lives. The power is inside the people. ... If they have enough information and courage they can actually organize themselves to serve each other. So I think it just makes me think that we can make a better world by working together."
“Body & Soul (Presented at 2009 Festival) was fantastic. It is so refreshing to see this portrayal of people with disabilities. … These are people who actually fought for their rights and it’s really invigorating.”
“It serves as a real spring board for conversation about different issues.”
“Cool films!” “Inspiring human stories!” “Thought provoking films.”
“There is Hope!”
“This is an INCREDIBLE community initiative.”
“Fantastic! And very accessible.”
“Truly excellent experience—will be back next year.”
“Refreshing, invigorating, well organized.”
“Uncomplicated, welcoming and provocative.”
“Very impressed with the quality of films. … Could feel the true passion behind them. … Thanks to sponsors for making it happen.”
“Outstanding films, very inspiring. What a great collection of films!”
“Uplifting, very informative.”
“Afterwards raving to each other about the must-see films we’d just seen!”
“Great experience!” "Very inspirational.”
“Opened my eyes to many world issues.”
“Opportunity to meet and talk with others.”
“Dynamic & Diverse.”
“Inspiring, instructive, provocative, disturbing, uplifting, Pleasant, hopeful, grateful, humbling, enjoyable” painful, heart wrenching, moving, joyful.”
“Inspired & touched”
“Learned more than was expected. Changed my mind on things.”
“Many brave people and their stories.”
“Untold human misery persist; boundless hope also prevails.”
“Injustice surrounds us but can be stopped when people work together.”
“The dimensions of suffering and transformation, simultaneously occurring all over the world.”
“It introduces, exposes, empowers and teaches about global issues and how they affect us here at home.”
“Struck by surface [media] coverage of events in contrast to the in-depth info of these films”