Our Mandate

The mandate/objectives of the Antigonish International Film Festival (AIFF) Society are to:

  • Confront local, regional and global issues using documentary films
  • Foster the understanding of film as a communication medium
  • Encourage the participation of a wide range of citizens in a community cultural event to help create an inclusive environment.

Directors and Officers

President: Janet Stark
Vice-President: Larry Lamey
Secretary: Elaine MacLean
Treasurer: Don Davenport
Director: Carole Roy

Festival Organizing Committee

Sue Adams
Pam and Shaun Chisholm
Don and Trina Davenport
Denise Davies
Elsa Jensen
Larry Lamey
Bernadette Lancaster
Andrew Loscher
Elaine MacLean
Jeff Parker
Jean Reardon
Carole Roy
Bart Sears
Janet Stark